IT Essential

itessential course

This course teaches students the essential knowledge of Information Technology which is very popular in all industrials. IT Essential course dedicate to student who has not had IT knowledge and it is first door for pure beginner. Students then learn what is Computer, Information vs Data, peripherals of Computer System, introduction to Internet Technology. After completion course, students will understand what are the most important things in Computer, what are the most popular jobs concerned with IT and what is the software and who are using what kinds of software.

Student will Learn

  • What is Computer
  • Generation of Computer
  • Information VS Data
  • Understanding Software and Hardware
  • Types of Computer
  • Hardware Components in PC
  • Input / Output / Storage Devices
  • Categories of Software
  • Understanding Operating System
  • Computer in Use
  • Introduction to Network
  • Internet Technology in Today
If you think you cannot see yourself in IT, just open first door from IT Essential course to enter IT field."
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Essential of Programming with C#

Essential of Programming with C# Course

This course provides students with hands on experience using Visual Studio to create applications with the .NET 3.5 Framework using C#. This class provides a thorough introduction to the C# programming language, including coverage of the essentials of the C# programming language, built in data types, operators, solution structures, namespace, classes and methods and logic building with exercises.

Students then learn how to apply programming techniques in reality and how to build and practice programming logic. This course dedicate to student who has not had programming experience and knowledge.

Student will Learn

  • .NET Framework History and Architecture
  • Introduction to C# Language Syntax
  • Familiarizing C# Compilation Processes
  • Using Variable Data Types and Operators
  • Conditional Statements (if ... else, if ...else if, switch)
  • Iterative Statements in C# Language (for ... loop, while ... loop, do ... loop)
  • Performing Type Conversions
  • Handling Array Type
  • Handling and Manipulating String Type
  • Basic theory to C# Memory Allocation Management (How Garbage Collector Work)
  • Modularization and Static Method
  • Formatting Numbers, Date and Times
  • Introduction to Window Application with C#
  • Total 40 Basic Exercises for Students Competition
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Practical Application Development with ADO.NET (C#)

Practical Application Development with ADO.NET Course

This course teaches students the skills necessary to create window application using the .NET platform. Topics covered include relational database architecture, practical database design techniques, simple and complex SQL query skills and ADO.NET to interact with data sources and display data and data reporting with Crystal Report.

This class is intended for system analysts, developers, database designers and programmers who want to work in IT industry effectively. Upon completion, participants will understand database design and managements and will be able to write useful SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements and how to implement data driven application from ground zero. Additional exercises and three real life projects provide the students with experience creating and deploying applications.

Student will Learn

Design Physical Database

  • Relational Database Concept
  • Relational Database and Relational Database Management System
  • Design Physical Database from Conceptual Model Ground Zero
  • Introduction to Structure Query Language (SQL)
  • Creating , Managing and Maintaining Database with SQL
  • Total 7 exercises for Students Competition


  • Introduction to .Net Framework Architecture
  • Understanding Data Access Component in .Net Framework
  • Optimistic VS Pessimistic Concurrency
  • ADO.NET Architecture
  • ADO.NET Data Provider VS DataSet/DataTable/DataRow/DataColumn
  • Understanding Difference between OleDb/Sql/Oracle
  • Using Command/Connection/DataAdapter in ADO.NET
  • Using ADO.NET for Retrieve/ Insert/Update/Delete
  • Databinding with WinForm Controls
  • Segate Crystal Report with ADO.NET
  • Total 3 projects for Students Competition

Visual Studio

  • Creating a Project
  • Using the Code Editor
  • Setting Project Properties
  • Adding References
  • Handling Configuration
  • Compiling a Program
  • Running a Program
  • Debugging a Program
  • Using the Microsoft Solution Developer Network
  • Understanding and Creating Deployment Package
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Project Base Web Application Development with ASP.NET

Project Base Web Application Development with ASP.NET

This course provides students with hands on experience to create dynamic web applications and web sites with the ASP.NET 3.5 Framework using C# and Visual Studio 2010.

Students will learn how to build web forms and work with a variety of ASP.NET Server side controls, including custom controls and user controls. Students will explore why state management is difficult within web applications and learn many different ASP.NET techniques for managing state, including application, session and view state objects. Students also learn how to use jQuery to validate user input and how to prevent SQL Injection attack and XSS attack.

Topic covers creating web site layout, the use of Web Form Components, state management and Distributed Web Service which are widely used in enterprise business cooperation.

This class is intended for system analysts, developers, database designers, programmers and students who want to work in IT industry effectively. Upon completion, participants will understand how to create web application from ground zero and get basic knowledge to learn Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Web Layout

  • Essential Knowledge of HTTP protocol
  • Introduction to XHTML
  • Using Javascript for Client Side
  • Understanding CSS
  • Creating Web Layout with CSS and XHTML
  • Introduction to jQuery

ASP.NET Web Services

  • Overview of Web Services
  • Creating a Web Service
  • Consuming a Web Service with WSDL Proxy Classes

ASP.NET Features

  • Overview of ASP.NET
  • InLine vs Code Behind
  • HTML Form Basic with ASP.NET
  • Essential Standard Web Controls for ASP.NET
  • Postback and AutoPostback
  • Working with Standard Web Controls
  • Using the GridView/Repeater/ DataList Controls
  • Server Side Validation with Validation Controls
  • Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX
  • Understanding ASP.NET Application Folders
  • Creating and Using Custom User Controls
  • Using Web.config
  • Deploying Web Application to IIS 7
  • Total 3 projects for Students Competition

State Management

  • Understanding why the Web is Stateless
  • Maintaining State within ASP.NET Applications
  • Using the Application Object
  • Using the Session Object
  • Using the ViewState Object
  • Using the Query String
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  • We use World standard teaching methods (Lectures, Group Discussions, Teamwork, Assignments, etc.)
  • Learn with the most international experienced IT professionals.
  • All lecturers are graduates from Asia top 10 universities.
  • We teach earnestly without any expectations for monetary gains.
  • Provide student consultation service (free of charge) and guidance to achieve success in IT professional route.
  • Located at the heart of Yangon.
  • Fully equipped class room and infrastructure.
  • Learn at unbelievable affordable price with premium quality.